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Bleaching for White Teeth

Under bleaching is the whitening of the teeth. This procedure will be dark yellow or discolored teeth brightened.

These discolorations are either on the surface of the tooth or tooth interior. The discoloration is caused by superficial deposits of stimulants such as tobacco, coffee or tea. Deep-seated tooth discoloration are often caused by side effects of drugs or similar cause.

The superficial deposits on the teeth can be easily by a professional dental cleaning at the dentist removed. It should be noted that only the natural tooth color can be restored. By tooth cleaning is not a guaranteed bright white smile, because the color of the teeth tend to be white, as it verhäuft desired.

Is a pure white tooth color desired, or should be deep-seated stains are brightened, the bleaching process to bear. Through the use of bleaching agents in teeth is an oxidation process under the dyes dissolve. It is usually found on back of hydrogen peroxide. This appropriation is also used to bleach hair used.

Bleaching can be carried out professionally at the dentist or home bleaching in your own four walls. The dentist may be higher with concentrated resources, and speeds up the whitening process additionally by UV lamps. Noticeably brighter teeth can be so in some sessions. For the home bleaching can be found in drugstores or handle in the pharmacy different sets. These consist either of a tincture, which is regularly over several weeks for a few minutes on the teeth must be applied or so-called strips, such as the adhesive film on the teeth are bonded.

After a few sessions at the dentist, or a few days the implementation of a home bleaching kits, is often a noticeable whitening of teeth observed. (zofran, zofran 4mg, zofran 8mg, zofran medication)
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